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Soy Candle 4oz - Lavandin

Soy Candle 4oz - Lavandin

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Derived from soybeans, soy wax offers a natural and renewable alternative to the petroleum-based paraffin wax commonly found in candles. One of its key advantages is its cleaner burning properties, producing fewer toxins and pollutants, thus contributing to improved indoor air quality. The sustainability factor also comes into play as soy is a renewable crop that can be replanted annually, making soy wax a more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, soy candles tend to have a longer burning time compared to their paraffin counterparts, thanks to the lower melting point of soy wax. Furthermore, soy wax holds and distributes fragrances effectively, resulting in a stronger and more pleasant scent throw. The ease of cleanup, minimal black soot production, and the support for sustainable agriculture are all contributing factors that make soy candles a preferred choice for those seeking a cleaner, longer-lasting, and environmentally responsible candle option.

We chose the essential oil Lavandin because it is known for its distinct aroma, which is often described as camphoraceous with floral undertones. It fills the room room with a fresh, clean scent reminiscent of a spa. 

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