Olive Oil

BOTANICAL NAME: Olea europaea

EXTRACTION: Cold pressed 

DESCRIPTION:The olea europaea tree is found in the Mediterranean basin and has been growing since the 8th millennium BC.  It grows up to 8 meters tall and can live for hundreds of years.  It produces a fruit that ripens from green to black, and when cold pressed, produce a rich oil.  This oil has been used since ancient times by Greeks and Egyptians as a cleaner, moisturizer, antibacterial agent, and for muscle injury prevention.  

KEY ACTIVES: Vitamin E, vitamin K, polyphenols, linoleic acid, oleic acid and squalene

FOUND IN: Touchy Feely Body Lotion, Purist Body Lotion, Coffee Scrub Bar Soap, Lavender Bar Soap,May Chang Bar SoapPeppermint Bar Soap.