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DIY Recipe: Winter Room Spray – Cedar, Clementine and Clove

To create a room spray for this festive season, I thought of the three smells that remind me of Christmas – cedar trees, clementines and cloves. These scents combined create a lovely aroma that you can use to freshen rooms, furniture and linens.

You will need:

a bunch of cedar (if you don’t have some in your yard, steal ask your neighbor)

5 clementine peels

1/4 cup of whole cloves

mickey of vodka – the higher the proof, the better for extraction purposes

mason jar


coffee filter

4 x 100 ml bottles with spray cap – this may be a challenge to find so try to find bottles in your house that can be reused for this purpose. Also try to mix and match spray caps with bottles.

1. Chop cedar wood and leaves as fine as possible.

2. Remove and chop clementine peel. The essential oils of citrus fruit are contained in their peels so that’s where we extract them from.

3. Crush cloves in a mortar and pestle or with a knife.

4. Put all three prepped ingredients in a large mason jar (or similar glass vessel), add entire bottle of vodka (you can keep one nip if you want to add it to the clementine juice). Cover jar with plastic wrap or similar and allow to sit for at least a week in a dark place.

5. Strain infused vodka into a bowl.


6. Transfer the infused vodka into a pitcher. Pour through a funnel lined with a coffee filter into spray bottles until half full. Top with purified water (distilled is ideal).

7. Add pretty labels and voila – Winter Room Spray! I love the colour it created and the essential oils won’t separate like they would in a water with essential oils combination.