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Persephone 100% Botanical Eau de Parfum

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Natural perfume made with 100% botanical ingredients
Natural perfume made with 100% botanical ingredients
Persephone 100% Botanical Eau de Parfum

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Persephone is the ancient goddess of spring and the seasonal inspiration behind this 100% botanical perfume. We have captured the scent of blossoms, green leaves, and the air after a rainfall. This perfume is layered and nuanced and will take you on an olfactory journey, one that begins with bursts of jasmine, violet, and pomegranate and mellows into a honeyed floral with soft powdery notes.

Top notes: April rain - fresh, green, airy

Middle notes: May blossoms - burst of fruity floral

Bottom notes: June sweetness - soft, powdery, violet

Ingredients:  Organic cane sugar alcohol, rose, jasmine, ambrette seed, orris butter, ylang ylang, orange blossom, tonka bean, violet, vanilla, bitter orange, galbanum.

We believe in fragrance transparency and are proud to list each ingredient.

Longevity: 5 hours

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Ma Y.
United States United States
My new signature perfume

This is my perfect perfume, it's floral but soft. Most perfumes I like the beginning notes but not the end ones. This one is beautiful from beginning to end. It's my everyday perfect perfume!

Cocoon Apothecary

Hello Ma, We are so pleased to hear you love this perfume too. It really is an incredible self care item for me and I love to wear it daily as well. Thank you for your review. Christine

Anna K.

This perfume is exquisite....look at the beautiful copper distiller it sits and "becomes" hadn't a chance of "becoming" anything short of "perfection"....placed upon Jessica to "bring forth".... Can you tell I adore COCOON! Thank you ....Jessica and team!

Pleasant Surprise

I'm not usually a huge fan of floral perfumes, but this one really changed my mind! It starts off with a very fresh almost bitter green note, but then "blossoms" (haha!) into this lovely, soft, powdery, sweet floral scent. It does not give me a headache, make me sneeze, or overwhelm folks at the office. I think this is especially well-suited for the Spring/Summer, but could be worn year round. Like all products made from this company, it is beautifully and luxuriosly packaged in a very substantial glass bottle with gold top. There is a TONNE of perfume in this bottle, and I don't feel like my money has been wasted on packaging and advertising. I love all of Cocoon's products, and this is no exception :) If you are looking for an easy to wear, classic, inoffensive fragrance for all occasions, this is it. This is an all-around beautiful fragrance, and I would whole-heartedly recommend it- even for those who dislike perfume.


First, you get what you pay for... so knowing that I'm not putting the known carcinogens that come with the word "fragrance" on my body is worth a million bucks ten times over. I've been a religious user of Elixir by Cliniques for about 20 years and haven't worn it in about 3 because I just don't want chemicals around me anymore. And to be honest, the chemical detox I've done means I'm not liking how it morphs after the "niceness" of the smell goes away. AND, my husband gave me the "Mmmmm, you smell nice baby" when I brought him supper tonight! So, win-win!! I'm probably going to wear this every day now... Thank goodness the bottle is big! (Extra bonus, no strong smell after application while it settles in, unlike Elixir which did garner complaints if I put it on in a dressing room. It just really smells delicious from the moment you pump to the moment you forget you're wearing it)