Tea Tree Hydrosol

BOTANICAL NAME: Melaleuca (from Greek melas - black and leukos - white, of many species the trunk is black and the shoots are white) alternifolia 

EXTRACTION: Steam distillation

DESCRIPTION: The tea tree, or Melaleuca alternifolia, is a tree native to Southeast Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.  The leaves of this tree are steam distilled in order to derive a hydrosol with intense healing capabilities that has been used medicinally for centuries.  This oil has a unique and fresh camphoraceous odor. Tea tree hydrosol differs from tea tree oil not in its health benefits but rather in its presentation – a hydrosol is a water that is extracted from the leaves via steam distillation in which the healing capabilities and compounds are infused rather than an oil.  This hydrosol offers many benefits for acne prone skin. 

KEY COMPONENTS: Terpinen, 1, 8 cineol