Peat Moss

Botanical Name: Sphagnum magellanicum

Extraction: Dried

Description: Sphagnum Magellanicum or peat moss extract is obtained from the plant matter that settles at the bottom of bogs. Sphagnum magellanicum has no stems, leaves or roots and grows in damp, dark places such as swamps and wetlands mostly in the northern hemisphere. The broken down plant materials submerged under water is called peat. The plant is constantly growing upwards at the tips while the lower parts are dying sometimes dating back a thousand years or more. Peat moss is known in the gardening world for its ability to help soil hold nourishment and moisture. Historically peat moss has been used as a wound dressing and to treat many skin ailments. This extract has the amazing ability to absorb and retain water in the skin. It has also been known to reduce the signs of aging.

Key Components: Fulvic and ulmic acid

Found In: Nordic Boost Hydrating Serum