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Frankincense CO2

BOTANICAL NAME: Boswellia carteri

EXTRACTION: CO2 (Supercritical Extraction): A method of extracting plant chemicals by using pressurized CO2 as a solvent. It is one of the most efficient extractions to create a substance that embodies the entire plant rather than just the essential oils or triglycerides (cold-pressed oils).

DESCRIPTION: Frankincense CO2 is derived from the resin of the small Boswellia tree or shrub. Like all resins, this is the repair system of the tree and has soothing, rejuvenating properties. Frankincense CO2 is a pale golden yellow or greenish translucent liquid with a warm, sweet balsamic, resinous scent. Historically, frankincense has been used for incense, it as also been used medicinally in the East and West. In ancient Egypt frankincense was used for face masks, cosmetics and perfume. The main constituents are the antioxidant terpenes alpha-pinene, insensol, and caryophyllene. The last two are only in the CO2 and not the essential oil and boast many healing properties.

KEY COMPONENTS: Alpha-pinene, insensol and caryophyllene.

FOUND IN: Carotene Glow Antioxidant Booster