Fir Balsam Essential Oil

BOTANICAL NAME: Abies (Pinaceae, the classical name) balsamea (balsam producing)

EXTRACTION: Steam distillation 

DESCRIPTION: The fir balsam is an evergreen, coniferous tree found throughout more mountainous regions of North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.  The needles of this tree contain powerful compounds responsible for its healing properties and health benefits.  The needles are steam distilled in order to extract an oil containing these healing properties. The colourless/pale yellow oil has the clean and crisp scent of fir balsam needles. 

KEY COMPONENTS: Tricyclene, a-pinene, borneol, limonene, acetate, and myrcene

FOUND IN: AFTERSHAVE - Muskoka, Beard Oil - Muskoka, POMADE - Muskoka, SHAVE - Fir Balsam & Clove