Candelilla Wax

BOTANICAL NAME: Euphorbia (after Euphorbus, physician to Juba, king of Mauritania) Cerifera 


DESCRIPTION:  The Candelilla (Euphorbia Cerifera) is a shrub native to Mexico and the southwestern United States.  It’s small, a yellow-brown colour, and aromatic. Traditionally, candelilla wax was used to make candles beginning in the 20th century.  With the coming of World War I, demand increased as this wax was used for waterproofing equipment.  This wax acts as an excellent emulsifier which prevents oil and water from separating to maintain proper consistency.  It has an abundance of nutrients and is an excellent barrier to moisture loss.  It is a product found in many cosmetics because of its ability to stiffen texture without hardening. 

KEY COMPONENTS: Hydrocarbons, sitosteryol esters, lactons 

FOUND IN: Pomade - Bay Rum, Pomade - Muskoka.