Avocado Oil

BOTANICAL NAME: Persea (Greek, name of a tree) gratissima 

EXTRACTION: Cold pressed

DESCRIPTION: The avocado is a tree native to Central and South America, and parts of the Caribbean. It thrives in warm climates, and is grown throughout other parts of the tropical and subtropical world.  The avocado tree is relatively large and produces a large, round, fleshy fruit that when cut open displays a pit or a nut.  Evidence of avocados date back to 10,000 BC in Mexico.  Although its roots are in Central and South America, and although these countries still maintain positions as the highest exporters of the fruit, other countries have upped their avocado production as well including China, Kenya, and various parts of Europe.  The fruits are picked and ripened post-harvest, and create a rich oil when the green flesh is cold-pressed. Avocado oil is unique because of this trait, as most plant oils are obtained through cold pressing the seeds or nuts rather than the flesh of the fruit itself.  It contains a high level of antioxidants and high oleic acid content providing nourishment. 

KEY COMPONENTS: Oleic acid, squalene, phytosterols (beta sitosterol)vitamins A, E, D.

FOUND IN: Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream, Rosey Cheeks Facial Oil Serum