Why Natural - I Wrote a Manifesto

It seems like such an obvious choice to choose plants over synthetics for your skin that I’ve had to look at opposing views to understand what I am defending. I’ve had to dig deep. First let’s talk about the word ‘natural’. This is a word that gets bashed often for having a vague meaning but we are all thinking the same thing when we hear the word. Something from plants or animals AKA nature. We don’t question the context when we go for ‘nature walks’ or go to the museum of ‘natural history’ so I’m not sure why it’s such a controversy in the beauty industry. Seems like much ado about nothing so I am going to keep using the word in this context. Secondly, I want to unpack the word ‘chemical’ I never use the word because I am worried about getting shamed with grade 4 science ‘everything is a chemical’. I use the word synthetic to describe chemically synthesized ingredients (which can be from nature) and the word petrochemical to describe ingredients that are by-products of the fossil fuel industry. In terms of skin care/personal care/perfume, most formulas are created with individual synthetic chemicals, many of them petrochemicals. This makes a product safe, predictable, and consistent so it’s no wonder it’s been the dominant method of formulating for over 70 years. Enter the natural beauty industry, which has blown up since we began in 2003. Each natural ingredient brings with it a unique chemistry that changes all the time. There is very little consistency because we are working with the products of the ecosystem and the variables are endless - precipitation, soil, altitude, temperature, the day of the moon cycle the seed was planted. It takes a lot more time and energy to purchase natural ingredients because many things can go wrong. Test results must be analyzed and trustworthy suppliers found. Yet we continue to formulate with plant ingredients! Why? Magic. Yup I said it - MAGIC. The chemistry of plants is a natural intelligence that can’t be reproduced or replicated in a lab. If you don’t trust or believe in this intelligence, then you are likely not going to appreciate natural products (even though you probably appreciate it in food). When we choose a natural ingredient for a formula, we observe this chemistry with a fine-tooth comb looking at fatty acids, phytosterols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It’s about nourishing the skin with these perfectly blended unique chemicals. Healthy, nourished skin is firm, radiant, and smooth. The conventional industry is frustrated with this “trend”, but I know exactly why it has blown up and will continue to - it’s all about performance. A skin care formula that is made up of hundreds of actives rather than two or three is always going to perform better. Also, the conventional industry has put an emphasis on texture, scent, and colour over performance because it is market driven and that’s initially what people look for when purchasing. Thank goodness this has shifted in the last twenty years to become more ingredient-focused and people are really starting to learn their stuff. I am honoured to share my life’s work with you.

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