The Fatty Acids in Our Skin Care

The Fatty Acids in Our Skin Care

When skin ages, natural oil levels go down. Cocoon moisturizing is about tweaking this process by replenishing the skin with the same kind of oils that our body produces. We work with bio-compatible plant lipids because they have the same fatty acids, squalene, and waxes that can be found in our skin and sebum.  Every oil that we work with has a unique fatty acid composition that we consider carefully when adding to a formula.

Almond Oil
70% Oleic
21% Linoleic
5% Palmitic
3% Stearic
Argan Nut Oil
46% Oleic
33% Linoleic
13% Palmitic
6% Stearic
 Avocado Oil
58% Oleic
18% Palmitic
11% Linoleic
6% Palmitoleic
Camellia Oil
79% Oleic
9% Linoleic
9% Palmitic
1% Stearic
Castor Oil
80% Ricinoleic acid
4 % Oleic acid
3% Linoleic acid
1% α-Linolenic acid
Coconut Oil
46% Lauric
19% Myristic
10% Palmitic
7% Oleic
Grape Seed Oil
72% Linoleic
17% Oleic
6% Palmitic
3% Stearic
Hemp Seed Oil
56% Linoleic
17% α-Linolenic acid
10% Oleic
6% Palmitic
Macademia Nut Oil
60 % Oleic
19% Palmitoleic
9% Palmitic
3 % Stearic
Olive Oil
72 % Oleic
12% Palmitic
11% Linoleic
3 % Stearic
Pomegranate Oil
76% Punicic Acid
7% Linoleic Acid
6% Oleic Acid
2% Stearic Acid
Rosehip Oil
43% Linoleic
22% α-Linolenic acid
22% Oleic
7% Palmitic
Sea Buckthorn Oil
35 % Linoleic Acid
32% α-Linolenic acid
11% Palmitic Acid
9% Oleic Acid
Shea Butter
Oleic Acid 48%
Stearic Acid 38%
Palmitic Acid 5%
Linoleic Acid 5% 
Sunflower Oil
52% Linoleic Acid
36% Oleic Acid
7% Palmitic Acid
3% Stearic Acid


α-Linolenic acid - An essential polyunsaturated fatty acid (omega 3) that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin. Soothes itching, redness, and irritation. Has a very light feel on the skin but is protective and nourishing.

Linoleic Acid - An essential polyunsaturated fatty acid (omega 6) that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin. It is a building block for ceramides and restores natural barrier function. Can be beneficial in controlling acne as low natural levels are related to break outs.

Punicic Acid - A polyunsaturated fatty acid with a unique chemical structure that has a thick texture but feels light on the skin. It soothes and regenerates while maintaining moisture and supporting collagen production.

Palmitoleic acid - A monounsaturated fatty acid that acts as an anti-microbial in sebum. It provides a protective barrier, holds in moisture, and plays an important role in healing skin.

Oleic acid - A monounsaturated fatty acid has the unique ability to deliver plant nutrients deep into skin. It creates a light barrier and maintains a soft, supple texture in skin. Oily and acneic skin should stick to oils that have less than 50% oleic acid.

Ricinoleic Acid - A monounsaturated fatty acid with a thick texture that is known for building and regenerating skin tissue. Has ability to absorb easily into the body

Lauric Acid - A medium-chain fatty acid that is thick but can absorb well. It acts as an antimicrobial in sebum.

Palmitic Acid - A saturated fatty acid that partners with stearic acid to create an occlusive barrier that protects skin from unwanted microbes and pollutants while retaining moisture.

Stearic acid - A saturated fatty acid that forms a protective layer to firm and support skin. It acts as an occlusive agent preventing trans-epidermal water loss. 

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