6 ways dry brushing improves your complexion

The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Amongst the growing list of beauty and wellness treatments, you might have come across the ancient detoxifying process known as “dry brushing”. 

If you have not, dry brushing is an exfoliating skin care technique involving brushing your dry skin with a dry brush made of soft natural fibres. This technique is far from new as it's history dates centuries back to Ancient Egypt. Varying forms of it is also found in Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Although this process involves scrubbing skin with a brush, which may sound unappealing to some, it has many benefits that may help one warm up to the idea. We have put together a list of six ways dry brushing improves the look of your skin. 

Why should I engage in dry brushing? What are the benefits? Are there any risks? How is it done?

 If you have this series of questions, this list is here to have them answered.

Materials Used For Dry Brushing

To perform a standard dry brushing process, you only need a couple things. The only essential item for this detox process is a brush made with natural fibre bristles. 

Additionally, a moisturizer comes in handy at the end of the entire process to smoothen the area brushed. To get the materials in one place, visit our online store to get our dry brush and moisturizers.

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Are you unaware of the benefits of dry brushing? You are in the right spot.

1. Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite

This body treatment technique helps to soften fat deposits found below the skin. According to research, continuous dry brushing minimizes the appearance of cellulite. The scrubbing effect breaks down accumulated toxins, and in turn, enhances circulation around affected areas.

2. Helps Exfoliate The Skin

Dry brushing serves as a cheap form of exfoliating your skin. How? The routine scrubbing of your skin with the dry-brush removes the dead skin and unclogs the pores in your skin. Ageing causes the skin to renew itself at a slower rate. But, with dry brushing, the unneeded dead skin gets removed, allowing your body to get hydrated by moisturizers.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Just like massage therapy, dry brushing positively affects blood circulation. With proper blood circulation, your body’s cells receive oxygen and the needed nutrients for metabolism. On the other hand, poor blood circulation can result in cellulite, swelling, and varicose veins.

4. Helps Your Lymphatic System

Unlike other body systems, the lymphatic system is dependent on movement, massage (dry brushing) or exercise to transport lymph. As you brush your skin, you indirectly aid lymph node movements, building the immune system.

5. Brightens Your Mood

Look at dry brushing from the angle of regular massages. When feeling stress or worn out, dry brushing provides a form of body ease and a great sense of well-being after each brush.

6. Stimulates Your Nervous System

Dry brushing stimulates nerve endings in the skin, acting as a wake-up call to the nervous system. The brushing process; also described as "invigorating" because of the feel-good sensation it gives to the body.

New to dry brushing? Do you want to try it out yourself? Here are some helpful tips.

Dry Brushing Tips

dry brushing tips

Safety Tips

safety tips
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