Perfume Launch 2019

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I have always blended aromas as an aromatherapist for skin care. I was more interested in therapeutic properties than their scents (although that is always a factor). With perfume, it's about telling a story. Creating a layered experience that evokes an emotional response, hopefully a blissful one. With natural perfume, the goal isn't to fill a room (or a city block for that matter) and isn't about lasting for 24 hours (pervasive much?) It's about connecting to our ancient roots and to a sense that we rely on but ignore most of the time. Humans will never lose their desire for perfumes. It is an art form that spans centuries and cultures deeply rooted in romance and the divine. It is sacred. We are bringing back the old style of using plant petals, barks, resins, balsams, fruits, leaves, and seeds. We won't be using the synthetic byproducts of the paper and petroleum industry - wildcrafted or farmed only. Our research begins with this perfume organ featuring 61 aromatic tinctures. We're hoping to release our first perfume in 2019. 

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