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Humidor is World Class

It’s not every day an apothecary such as ourselves gets to have their flagship beard oil product field tested by a true industry expert. In fact, we were very surprised indeed to be contacted by the elusive and eccentric Bobert Brush – a man of some celebrity in the domain of male grooming - who seemed most enthused by our formula! Bobert diligently subjected our product to his 7-point scientific beard oil review methodology. In this post we’re listing the reasons we think Bobert graded our beard oil so highly.

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High-Quality Tobacco Flower Absolute

There’s simply no other oil on the market that strikes the tobacco note with as much purity and force of intent as us. We use tobacco flower absolute, instead of perfume or essential oils. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, an absolute is a concentrate that is produced by solvent extraction rather than steam distillation. With a good understanding of the solvent they are using, extractors can produce absolutes with aromas much closer to the original plant than is possible with essential oils produced through distillation.

Our Lingerability Factor

Bobert was especially impressed by the linger-ability of our oil, scoring it 98%! Because we use a generous amount of high-quality ingredients, the aroma of our beard oil tends to stick around for much longer than the competitors.There’s nothing worse than opting for an inferior beard oil only to find you can’t even detect it in your beard ten minutes after you’ve applied it!

We Use Broccoli Seed Oil to Enhance Skin Benefits

By using broccoli seed oil in our recipe, we enhance the skin impact of our recipe. Many beard oil manufacturers are keen to highlight the hair enhancing properties of their wares, but not so many think about the various impacts on the skin. Broccoli seed oil has a reef of benefits for the skin and makes our product really stand out! I reckon that explains why Bobert graded our oil 94% overall!

You can read more about The Beard Oil Pledge and Bobert’s index of leading beard oils here.

If you’re searching for the best beard oil, there’s no need to look anywhere else!

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