6 Reasons Why Men Need To Upgrade Their Skin Care Regimen

6 Reasons Why Men Need To Upgrade Their Skin Care Regimen


6 reasons why men need to upgrade their skin care regimen

Men are thought to prefer the "less is more" approach when it comes to grooming and skin care. Give a guy his razor, shaving cream, and some aftershave, and he'll set out for his day.

Suggesting a multi-step skin care regime might come off as overkill. But men are not immune to the skin conditions, damage and aging that feed the need for the multitude of tailored skin care products marketed to women. Why wouldn’t they too benefit in the same way from a solid grooming and skin care regimen?

That is why you may have noticed some brands embellishing some of their products with "for men". This may come off as a marketing gimmick but men, do in fact, need a regimen tailored to meet their specific complexion needs. There are some key differences that we are about to highlight that make it necessary to separate into different product lines.

In this blog, we want to shed more light on why men should pay more attention to their skin. Skin care equals self-care and it should not be gendered as a “women’s thing”. It’s about time to normalize men’s skin care. And it's fantastic that we are putting this out in time for the upcoming Father's Day Celebration. We have some great gift options but let us first hash out the why.

Do Men Need Their Own Skincare?

If you have been suspecting that products marketed as "for men" are plain gimmicks, you may want to forego that belief.

Men's skincare is a necessary thing. And that is because on average, the structure of a male’s skin differs from that of a female.

Check out the nuances below

1. Men Have Thicker Skin 

Yes. Men have thicker skin than us, literally. The collagen composition of a man's skin is 20% more than that of a woman's.

And that's why you may notice that a man's skin looks firmer. But for both men and women, the natural production of collagen declines with age and environmental damage. It just happens sooner in women. Collagen is a protein that forms the structure of our skin. Loss of collagen causes wrinkles, reduces elasticity and inhibits water retention.

Men benefit from skin care products or practices that stimulate collagen production.

2. Men Produce More Sebum

If you are not convinced yet why a guy needs a different product, maybe this will convince you. The sebaceous glands of men are larger than that of women.

Reports say that the oil production rate of men is four times more than that of women. The male sex hormone, testosterone, is responsible for this. And this makes a man more prone to oil-related skin concerns such as acne and larger pores. 

Therefore, men benefit from skin care products that are formulated for higher oil levels and the skin conditions this can cause.

3. Men Have More Hydrated, Dewy Skin

A study revealed two secrets; that young men have more subcutaneous hydration than women and that men lose less water from their skin barrier than women. It's no surprise that this is why men have dewier complexions compared to women.

This doesn't mean men don't benefit from moisturizing they just need moisturizers that are formulated around this difference.

4. Regular Facial Shaving Causes Stressed Skin 

Shaving stresses out the skin when it removes the uppermost layer of skin cells, exposing immature healthy skin cells.

This causes damage that may not be visible at the time that can cause skin to age prematurely. It weakens the skin's protective barrier causing sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin that is more susceptible to sun damage, dryness and infection.

This means men need to use skin care products that are formulated to help with this specific issue.

5. Men Have Larger Hair Follicles.

The hair follicles in men are denser than a woman's,owing to the male hormone testosterone.

And for this precise reason, a product suited for the thinner hair on a woman's body may not be ideal for a man.

 6. Men Are More Acidic

A man's skin has a lower pH than a woman's. And this might be a particular reason why men should consider getting their own care products.

For men who haven't been taking care of their skin correctly, the above-mentioned factors are some reasons to start soon.

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