2019 Gift Guide

2019 Gift Guide


The queen in your life

Looking to spoil someone in your life? Our Persephone Eau de Parfum is an epic perfume created with the finest raw materials shipped in from farms around the world. It is a beautiful green floral that dries down to a rich violet powder with sweet coumarin nuances. Another option is our Rose Ritual Gift Bag featuring our much loved oil serum Rosey Cheeks, with rich oils of avocado, green tea, and rosehip extract and the beautiful, soft scent of rose absolute AND a cool, soothing jade roller to massage the face.

rose skin care

The rose lover

It's easy to love roses because they are so beautiful and smell like nothing else in the world. Soft, powdery, floral, fruity. Their beauty tells us something about their use - they can make us beautiful too. It is a big part of our skin care working with the seed oils and petal extracts. Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream is always our bestseller because it is everything you would want in a cream, moisturizing without feeling greasy, cooling, and protective. The Rosey Cheeks Oil Serum is very similar to the cream but it is the oil serum version. Rose Dew Facial Toner is 100% organic hydrosol, which is the water that is processed when distilling the petals. True luxury.

Lavender bath gifts

The busy one

We all know someone who needs to take a beak and slow down. There's nothing like the lure of lavender to make someone finally wind down Treat them to a soak with our three lavender-based options, Lavender Bath Salts with therapeutic salts, Lavender Bath Cube for moisturizing and exfoliating, and Touchy Feely Bubble Bath for the ultimate suds. They can follow their soothing soak with luxury Touchy Feely Body Lotion.

 winter skin care

The outdoorsy one

These products are great for the ones out in the snow. They are skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, walking, skating, or tobogganing. The cold doesn't stop them.  Nordic Boost Hydrating Serum will help replenish water levels in the skin that tend to get zapped out in the low humidity of winter. The Dead Sea Detox Gift Bag will help with any roughness that has built up in the cold weather. Reflector SPF 30 protects skin from the UV rays coming down and also reflecting off the snow. And after a long day in the snow, what's better than soaking those muscles in a therapeutic soak with Mint Eucalyptus Bath Salts or an uplifting Citrus Tea Bath Bomb.

Gifts for dad

The cool dad

Malechemy is definitely a cool dad brand. It has a classy old-school look and natural scents that are light and unobtrusive. Men are seeking grooming products that are outside the regular drugstore purchases but many don't know where to start. Help your fella out with a Perfect Shave Gift Bag, which includes our bestselling Shave cream, a quality vegan shave brush, and a top of the line safety razor and blades. Our Bay Rum Pomade is also a must have for getting an old-fashioned slick hold that is oh so popular for men's hair styles these days.

woodsy skin care products for me

The modern woodsman

Yes he can throw an axe. Yes he can chop wood. Yes he can build a fire. He like to camp, and paddle, and hang out in the forest. He's the modern woodsman. Our Muskoka aroma blend includes cedarwood, black spruce, juniper, fir balsam and can be found in a Beard Oil, Pomade, Soap on a Rope, and Aftershave. Our Moisturize is also lightly scented with fir balsam and is great for hydrating and protecting skin (especially right after shaving). Our beechwood Beard Comb is great for taming the hairs of the bearded ones and a Spruce Flora Bath Cube is the perfect woodsy soak.

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