2019:  A Year in Review

2019: A Year in Review

Here are the highlights from 2019. We had a great year of learning, developing, and launching.

perfume launch
We launched our first perfume under a sub brand called Priestess Perfumes (a nod to femme power). The process began in June 2018 when I took a perfume course in the lavender fields of Provence. I started formulating a season-inspired eau de parfum in January 2019. Persephone, launched in May 2019, is a journey through spring that begins with April rain, bursts into May blossoms, and mellows into soft, sweet June. 

Deepening my knowledge of the ingredients we use and the plant world in general is important as a formulator and a purchaser. In January 2019, the family headed down to Costa Rica and Panama to learn about cacao, plant medicine, and rainforest life (going back this year). In June, we hosted a wild edible tour with Crystal Bradford and Liam Kijewski of Wildlife Gardening to learn about our local forests. In July, I visited the massive rose garden of Portland, Oregon and smelled my way through this little piece of heaven.
distillation course
In July, I flew to Spokane, Washington to study plant distillation under Ann Harman of the Circle H Institute. I had the opportunity to work with different plants, different stills, and different forms of plant distillation. We bought a still and started backyard distilling. We created the hydrosols of lavandin, bee balm, peppermint, and lemongrass and even got a little essential oil.
new product launches 
We created 13 new products this year! In the spring, we launched Carotene Glow Antioxidant Booster. In June, we launched Persephone Eau de Parfum. In November, we launched Nordic Boost Hydrating Serum, 5 bath cubes, and 5 bath salts.
headquarter improvements
New flooring, new staff kitchen, and an assembly line that fills and caps bottles were things that made us happy this year.

I feel immense gratitude looking at our growth this year. It's not just about numbers for small businesses, it's the ability to expand and develop our company into something better each year. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

- Jessica

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Congratulations to you and Laine on your expansion!Wishing you the best in the new year!

Karyn Smith

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