When We Learned About Toners, We Never Misted a Spritz Again!

When We Learned About Toners, We Never Misted a Spritz Again!

We don’t know about you, but we used to skip toners and think what do they really do, are they pointless? That was until we understood what they were doing for our skin and skincare routine, and now, we cannot live without them!

If you get a good toner like Rose Dew or Orange Blossom, you will learn that they are fast penetrating formulas that give your skin a much-needed boost of hydration, plump & glow! Ecocert Organic toners are the best, they have ZERO harmful ingredients, sustainability all while delivering 100% natural ingredients deep into the skin.

Toners help to prep your skin for the moisturizing process, this will allow your serums and moisturizers to penetrate on a deeper level which in turn means you will need less product to achieve better results. Using a toner before your other skincare items sweeps impurities away all while prepping and hydrating your skin for what’s next!

Making sure our skin is properly hydrated is the #1 reason we reach for a toner throughout the day. Many people do not realize this but to ensure your skin is absorbing hydration AND moisture, you must apply a water-based product BEFORE your lotions! That way, they work together to get your skin both hydrated and moisturized on a deeper level. After cleansing, we recommend spritzing our face with a toner, wait 30 seconds and then, apply your serums and face creams followed by SPF. 

All the toners carried by us at Cocoon Apothecary are Ecocert Organic with clean soothing, and hydrating ingredients. To truly calm your skin with a toner, you really want to ensure it’s non-toxic, certified organic, and high-quality.

Does your skin ever feel dry or tight throughout the day? If so, one thing you can do is reach for your toner. Depending on the weather and temperature of where you live, our skin sometimes needs an extra boost of hydration! You can spritz toner on your skin as needed, throughout the day! We also love adding one spray over  makeup in the winter months to ensure it has a more flexible, hydrated finish. If your makeup ever looks cakey or dry, give a toner a try! Our favorite for over makeup right now is the Rose Dew Toner.

For oily and breakout prone skin, keeping your skin free of excess dirt, oil and debris you are helping to keep your PH levels balanced, this will help eliminate pesky breakouts from forming. Toners are especially amazing for acne-prone or oily skin for these reasons alone!

 For those of you that have more acne-prone or oily skin, one of our favorite toners is the Orange Blossom Toner as it’s designed to soothe sensitive skin all while nourishing your skin at a cellular level to encourage pore tightening, healing and removing excess sebum. This will really help to keep the skin’s PH balanced and prep it for the next steps in your skincare routine.

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