Serums - The Best Kept Secret!

Serums - The Best Kept Secret!

We have all heard our skin therapists say you need this product or that product. 

We have all been to a store that says that their serums are the best etc.

But what we don't hear all that often is WHY!! Well, we think you should know the WHY.

Why your skincare routine isn't complete without a serum: Let's start from the beginning, think of your face like a canvas, different layers are applied to create the perfect piece of art. Skincare requires the same layering technique, we start with cleanser, and toner, adding in a serum followed by a moisturizer and SPF.

Serums have all sorts of amazing benefits so let's dive into what you want to look for when choosing a serum or two.

First, we recommend something lightweight and complementary to your other skincare items. For example, if you have dehydrated skin (most of us do by the way) you would want to find a serum that is not only lightweight but could give you hydration benefits throughout the day. We would want to look for hydrating ingredients that draw moisture to the skin such as Icelandic moss, fern, hyaluronic acid, aloe and peat moss.

Finding hydrating water-like serum with natural ingredients means you can layer it on and know that the ingredients soaking into your skin cells and bloodstream are healthy and safe. Treating your dehydration with natural ingredients is what you want to look for when choosing a serum instead of masking it with synthetic ingredients often causing the issues to get worse thus you would need more of that product to "treat" the area of concern.

A personal favorite of ours is Nordic Boost. . This water-based serum hits all the marks when it comes to hydration, making it a MUST HAVE serum for ALL skin types. Not only is this one of our favorites it's also an Ecocert product at Cocoon Apothecary. You can trust that every single ingredient is vetted by this regulatory body so you know EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin with every use.

When should you apply a serum you ask? GREAT question, we recommend adding a serum after you tone before you moisturize both morning and night. Now, things can get a little tricky when we are using an oil-based serum as it is normally best to apply those on top of or mixed in with your moisturizer. For now, we will focus on water-based serums as they absorb deep into the skins barrier providing deeper hydration from the inside out.  Did we mention this serum is perfect for ALL skin types?  Environmental stressors are everywhere so adding this ultimately weightless serum to your routine before you apply moisturizer and  SPF is sure to help plump, hydrate and protect against further dehydration of the skin. We can thank the moisture-binding ingredients for making Nordic Boost a hero product for skin hydration.


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