We're Dedicating Earth Day 2022 to Wildlife

howler monkey Costa Rica

This year, we are dedicating Earth Day to sloths, monkeys, and other canopy dwellers of the rainforest. I have a backstory to share. This year a group of us visited an area in Costa Rica that is full of wildlife and we spent most of our time watching monkeys, sloths, birds, armadillos, and butterflies. All of us are huge plant and animal lovers so we were in absolute heaven.

sloth Costa RicaOne day, I came home to my friend in emotional distress and she explained that she had just watched a baby howler monkey get electrocuted by a wire it had jumped on. I won’t go into the details but it was horrible. I have a belief that if I witness something that isn’t right, I need to do something about it. As fate would have it, the property owners told us about a benefit they
sloth conservation foundationwere going to for an organization called the The Sloth Conservation Foundation. They are the organization that is solving this problem in the area by getting powerlines insulated and building wildlife bridges so animals could travel from tree to tree safely. When animals only travel through the canopy, a road can block their normal migrations and make their habitat smaller and smaller.
The sloth conservation foundation logo
The Sloth Conservation Foundation works to create canopy connectivity, install animal crossings, insulate powerlines, as well as providing research, education, and community outreach.

We are dedicating 10% of all Magic Bean Body Lotion sales to this amazing organization. We chose this product because it contains cacao, almond, coffee, and vanilla - all things that grow in this region. 

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