Type of Nail Polish


Traditional nail polish consists of solvents, color pigments, resins (polymers), and plasticizers. It dries naturally when exposed to the air, resulting in a glossy finish. However, it tends to be susceptible to chipping and peeling, offering a wear time of only a few days to a week. Removing regular nail polish is a straightforward process using acetone or nail polish remover, which usually takes just a few minutes. One of its advantages is that it's generally gentler on the nails and requires minimal buffing or filing during removal.


On the other hand, our gel nail polish is a hybrid between traditional nail polish and hard gel. It incorporates polymers and monomers into its formulation. To achieve its durability, gel polish must be cured under UV light. When applied and maintained correctly, it can last for an impressive two weeks or more without chipping. We can remove this polish in-house by soaking it off.

Some gel polishes are made exclusively with monomers and require some filing with a drill and soaking the nails in acetone, a process that takes about 15-20 minutes. This can potentially weaken natural nails but we will take care to not damage them. There is an extra cost of $15 to remove these types of gels.


The word ‘shellac’ refers to a trademarked term used by the company CND to describe their version of a gel nail polish.