Epsom Salts


DESCRIPTION: Before the 17th century, Epsom was a small rural town located on the outskirts of London.  The history of the town changed when a salt compound was discovered by a man named Henry Wicker in the waters of a saline spring that flowed through Epsom.  These salts would soon take the cosmetic and wellness world by storm and eventually became known as Epsom Salts.  Locals would boil down the mineral water of the springs in order to obtain the compound.  This compound has multiple medicinal properties and benefits, and is now manufactured and used around the world.  Epsom salts aid in many enzymatic functions, including regulating fluid retention in cells.  The magnesium content is responsible for aiding with the production of energy in cells.  Epsom salts are an excellent method for releasing toxins from the body and boosting cell health.

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