Cleansers 101

Let's talk cleansers and all the options out there. 
Milk Cleansers - Milks are emulsions, meaning a homogenous mixture of oil and water that have been combined with an emulsifier. Creams and lotions are also emulsions. They clean skin by gently removing impurities. Ideal for normal to dry skin. Our Petal Purity Cleanser  is a milk cleanser.
Oil Cleansers - This is oil with an emulsifier added to it so when water is added from your tap to your face, it acts like a milk cleanser. Ideal for dry skin.
Cleansing Balms - This is a thicker version of a cleansing oil because it has added wax to keep it solid. It has the addition of an emulsifier to create a milk cleanser when water is added. Ideal for dry skin.
Gel Cleansers - This is water and a cleansing agent that have been thickened with a gelling agent. The cleansing portion of the formula can be a gentle or harsh surfactant and has various levels of how much oil it removes. It is ideal for oily or acne prone skin. Our Sweet Orange is a gentle, balancing cleanser.
Clay Cleansers - A cleanser with the addition of clays to gently exfoliate skin.
Soap - Bar soaps are saponified oils that have been added to water with sodium hydroxide (lye).
Liquid soaps - are saponified oils that have been mixed with water and potassium hydroxide.
I love soaps for hands and body but they can be too harsh for many people’s faces as they can strip the natural barrier and create dry skin conditions, irritations, and subsequent premature aging.

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