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Our Eco Commitment

certified organic ingredients
We use certified organic ingredients because we believe that how we purchase has a direct impact on the planet. We want to support sustainable, traditional farming that doesn’t harm workers, pollinators, animals, soil, or water. As a bonus, organically-grown plants have been known to have higher antioxidants than conventionally-grown versions and that translates to superior anti-aging performance in skin care. We think this is one of the many reasons our products work so well.
plant-based formulas
Plants are the traditional ingredients of skin care going back thousands of years. As long as we have been eating them, we have been rubbing them on our skin to heal, soothe, and beautify. It wasn’t until the last century that petroleum chemicals took over the majority of product on store shelves. We bring skin care back to its roots by working with biodegradable plant-based ingredients that are not only compatible with our skin, they offer therapeutic, nourishing properties as well.
vegan and cruelty free
We are committed to creating plant-based formulas with zero animal ingredients. We view animals as sentient beings that deserve our kindness and compassion and refuse to allow them into our supply chain. We also have a firm policy to never perform animal testing or allow animal testing by a third party. We acknowledge that the beauty industry has dependent on cruelty for too long and we are part of a movement to end this once and for all.
reusable zero waste glass bottles
The world doesn’t need any more plastic bottles floating in water systems and collecting in landfills. We use glass as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based packaging that never breaks down and is known for killing wildlife. Our sturdy bottles and jars can be returned to us for reuse and our labels are removable for re-purposing in your house. This is one of the ways we reduce our waste and need for new bottles. Amber glass is the best material for preserving the powerful properties of our natural ingredients.