The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set
The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set
The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set
The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set
The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set
The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set

The Good Man - Skin Care Gift Set

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A skincare essentials kit for the man that matters most. Included in this gift set are; an aftershave, skin starter kit for men and a shaving brush.

With a total box value of $72.00 for just $50.00, we're making shopping for the good man in your life simple - just like our ingredients. 

Product Details: 

Bay Rum Aftershave 100ml 3.33fl *Ingredient List Available*

Shaving Brush

Skin Care Starter Kit *Ingredient Lists Available*

Shaving Cream 20ml .68fl

Cleanser 20ml .68fl

Moisturizer 20ml .68fl

Packaging, ingredients, and production have a big impact on our planet and the right choices can make a difference. We make it a priority to create sustainable products with plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Ecocert Cosmos

We are an Ecocert Cosmos Certified lab and our products are currently undergoing the approval process.  A certified product guarantees: 

  • production and processing that respect the environment and human health

  • the development of the concept of green chemistry

  • the absence of petrochemical ingredients

  • responsible use of natural resources

  • respect for biodiversity

  • the absence of GMOs

  • recyclable packaging

You will begin to see these certifications on our labels:

ecocert cosmos natural skin care

Natural origin

All the ingredients used are of natural origin with the exception of a restrictive list of approved ingredients (including preservatives) authorized in small quantities.

cosmos organic ecocert skincare


A beauty product is COSMOS ORGANIC certified only if:

  • At least 95% of the plants it contains are organic

  • A minimum of 20% organic ingredients are present in the formula in total (10% for rinse-off products


We offer a packaging return program in order for us to sanitize and reuse the glass bottles. Return the bottles to the place that you purchased them or contact us at to send directly. 

terracyle recycling closed loop system

We send used caps, labels, and manufacturing waste such as gloves to TerraCycle where they are manually separated and sent to third party subcontracting facilities for processing and conversion work. Metals are smelted into bars so they may be recycled. The plastics undergo extrusion and pelletization to be molded into new recycled plastic products. In terms of PPE waste, these materials are crushed into a densified crumb that can be recycled and used to make plastic lumber that is found in composite decking, outdoor furniture and plastic shipping pallets.

All paper products are sent to our municipal recycling program.

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