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Why it’s Better to Live in Europe (for humans and bunnies)

There are so many obvious reasons to love Europe – the food, the architecture, the lifestyle. It’s also safer to buy cosmetics there since the European Union has been diligently regulating the industry to protect the safety of its citizens. Some of the highlights of these regulations are:

  • You can no longer test cosmetics on animals. You can’t even import or sell products that have been tested on animals.
  • The EU has banned 1100 cosmetic ingredients for safety and health concerns. Health Canada has banned or restricted only 500 while the FDA has banned a measly 11 chemicals.
  • Nanotechnology in the form of sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients is being regulated in the EU – any substance containing these crazy small particles must be labelled and tested for safety (not on bunnies) by 2012.

It’s clear that the overall health of the European population takes precedence over the needs of big business. It’s refreshing to know that this level of responsibility exists and will hopefully lead other countries to do the same. Until then, keep reading your labels.