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Ingredient Profile: Argan Oil

Artwork by Jessica BurmanArgania spinosaCertified OrganicExtraction: Cold pressedDescription: The argan tree grows to 8-10 metres high and lives to 150–200 years old in the semi-desert region of Morocco, where it is endemic. It bears a fruit with a h
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Ingredient Profile: Aloe Vera

Artwork by Jessica BurmanAloe barbadensisExtraction: Cold pressedDescription: A succulent plant with thick serrated leaves that contain a thick gel-like substance used medicnally for thousands of years. Showy yellow tubular flowers grow out of a tall
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Ingredient Profile: Sweet Almond Oil

Artwork by Jessica BurmanPrunus amygdalus dulcisExtraction: Cold pressedDescription: A small tree indigenous to the Middle East that grows from 3 – 7 meters and bears white or pink blossoms in the spring. The almond fruit has a fuzzy green outer remi
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