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​Oil cleansing: Have you tried it?

Oil cleansing uses natural oils to cleanse the face without the aid of traditional soap, detergent or cream cleansers. This routine is based on the fact that oil breaks down oil, making this treatment attractive to those with sensitive, acne prone and oily skin. The cleansing process is said to be super gentle and very moisturizing.

The method is to massage oil onto the face for about a minute, and then lay a very hot (warm if you are prone to damaged capillaries or rosacea), damp washcloth on the face until the water cools – this is to open pores and allow you to remove more dirt. Then use the cooled washcloth to remove the cleansing oil. A thin oily residue will remain on the face, often negating additional moisturizer.

A lot of the pros for oil cleansing suggest a blend of different oils, depending on your skin type or what condition you want to treat. Some swear by coconut oil (acne prone) and olive oil (dry skin), some swear against them. Some use cooking oils found at the grocery store (just no), some prefer pricier health food and organic shop oils. Several people mentioned that, especially for the acne prone, it took a week or so for their skin to adapt to the new routine and they experienced worse breakouts than normal for a brief period of time. Many fans of oil cleansing recommend adding antibacterial essential oils like lavender or tea tree into the routine, or exfoliating once a week in addition to the oil cleansing.

If you’re going to try oil cleansing be sure to use good quality oils to get maximum benefits. Your skin is wise; it will tell you whether a change to your routine is something you should embrace.