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New Years Post: Let’s Make 2013 the Year That We Make Nice with the Mirror

How many of us look into mirrors and take the liberty to criticize what we see? We look for lines in our face, we analyse the shape of our butts, we lament the frizziness of our hair. Many of us are in a constant state of putting ourselves down within our mind. It’s no wonder that we then feel low and even depressed. It’s like having an abusive partner putting us down on a regular basis. 

We need to retrain our brains to be supportive and encouraging this year and quiet the mean-spirited jerk inside us. We need to stop trying to fit into an impossible standard of beauty that gets thrown at us by the media and appreciate the unique beauty that we were born with. This year, I propose that we all treat ourselves like gold. When we look in the mirror, we will tell ourselves that we are beautiful. We will accept and appreciate ourselves. I guarantee we will all be much happier people for it.