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Ingredient Profile: Neroli (Orange Blossom) Essential Oil

Citrus aurantium amara

Extraction: steam distilled

Origin: Italy

Description: The beautiful white blooms of the bitter orange tree are distilled to extract the exquisite essential oil of neroli. It was named after the town of Nerola, Italy where it was discovered as a perfume ingredient in the 18th century by Princess Anna Maria de la Tremoille. She introduced it to Paris and it became one of the most popular ingredients in the perfume industry. Before that time, orange blossoms were used by the Venetians for fevers and to ward of the infectious scents caused by the plague. It was a favorite perfume for the prostitutes of Madrid because of its alluring, aphrodisiac qualities. The scent is heavenly with the perfect blend of citrus and floral. It is uplifting, relaxing and enticing.

Components: Linalyl acetate: 23%, Linalool: 16%, Limonene: 20.30%

Aromatherapy Benefits: Relieves tension, anxiety, and emotional burnout; aphrodisiac; grounding.

Skin Benefits:

  • regenerative
  • stimulates cell growth and activity
  • relaxes skin cells
  • great for scars and broken capillaries
  • prevents spread of acne

Found in our Orange Blossom Facial Cream and our upcoming Neroli Perfume Oil.