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How to Get Rid of Congested Skin

Whenever I am in public or meeting someone for the first time, I notice their skin. I look at their pores, tone, pigmentation, elasticity and their make-up or lack thereof. I’ve noticed some definite patterns. There is a large group of women that are passionate about beauty but are doing it all wrong. They are clearly putting too much of the wrong product on their face on a daily basis. Their skin in congested, with tiny bumps everywhere and foundation caked on top to cover it up. It doesn’t have to look like this! It can be smooth, even-toned and natural looking by making a few simple changes.

1. Ditch the heavy petrochemical foundations that dominate the shelves. Mineral oil and silicones are foreign substances to your skin and your body has no idea how to process them. Your pores will evict them which is the cause of these mini eruptions all over the skin. These mineral oils and silicones are meant to sit on top of the skin rather than absorb into it which impedes your skin’s natural ability to breathe. This leads to a dull, sallow look. Find a good natural foundation that is formulated with plant oils, pigments and micas or ditch the foundation entirely (if you’re using the right skin care, you won’t need it every day). Which leads me to…

2. Use the right skin care. If your skin is bumpy and congested, it is rejecting something that you are putting on it. There are many cosmetic ingredients that your skin can’t absorb or process and they are almost always of petroleum origin. Choose plant-based products as much as possible, your cells know how to work with them.

3. Exfoliate regularly. Clogged pores can’t happen if there isn’t something to plug the hole. Keep skin free of dead skin cells and debris by routinely buffing it with your choice of scrub, skin brush, cloth or sophisticated microdermabrasion machine. If it’s a gentle scrub, you can do it daily.

Implementing these steps can do a world of good for keeping your skin as smooth, clear and as naturally flawless as possible.